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  • Each year I chat with Hundreds of DJ’s, at the ADJA Conference, Local and regional wedding Vendors and lot’s of brides too, from across the Nation to find out what’s trending! I found these as the TOP TRENDS for BRIDES planning for their 2017 celebration!…

    MORE Brides will use online tools to plan their 2017 wedding! Online magazines…including our FAV at www.centraloregonevents.net are more popular…the big wedding magazines are available at stores have always been a favorite of the past to thumb through…but many have become more Advertising heavy and lite on content, tips and ideas…Brides are focused on local resources in Bend Oregon, for their Central Oregon Wedding Planning Ideas now more than ever!

    Wedding Blogs will be accessed more while the bride researches options and a huge site pinterest will be accessed by more brides than ever!

    Wedding Web Sites will increase by 30%! Wedding Wire will be a big HIT in 2017! Brides and Grooms can announce their celebration through their partner portal, as well as plan their event with tools available through Wedding Wire…one of the most comprehensive planning and organizational tools available. The KNOT has great websites too!

    More Brides will ASK…”can i talk to or email your references!?”. Yes a TOP Trend for 2017 will be that more Brides will use past customer referrals … by calling or emailing for a reference, and even more through Technology. The primary reason is that Brides rely on referrals and recommendations more than ever to pick the pro’s they can trust for the biggest party they will ever throw. With resources like wedding wire, the knot.com and other growing online referral sources it’s easy to check on the wedding professional’s past experiences. If a event professional does not show references on their website…maybe they are hiding something? While other sites like YELP offer referrals too…wedding wire is based on wedding customers and clients making your referral searches alot more selective.

    DIY Produced “Save the Date” Video’s create a really fun way to announce your wedding date to your family and friends to save the date as well as get a pulse on how many of your friends will put it on thier social calendar.


    Decor Lighting or Up Lighting: Lighting can really make a normal room with decorations into a room that spotlights elements with light! For instance…the cake can be lit with small lighting to make it stand out more…Up lighting can emphasize or soften parts of the room…Brides and Groom’s initials projected with lighting on a wall or dance floor will be used more in 2017! (email for sample video)

    More “Dance-Able” Sets: A Professional DJ has the ability to take a POP song recorded in the 60’s and transform the same song into a more “dance able” track! We use this as a tool to bring all ages to the dance floor…while remixed songs is not new to the industry, the remix tools that are available to the DJ are more accessible and work within multi-platform computers…Mac or PC…

    Many wedding businesses will offer one stop shop options with related products or services. For instance Caterer’s will work with Beverage Vendors to work with them and design food and drink options as a combination of services. DJ’s will have systems for “rent” for the wedding and offer a sound technician to handle the ceremony needs of additional mics and music…many times allowing a small trio to plug into the ceremony system may lower costs of a live band, since they don’t need to bring in extra equipment.

    Dance Instructors at wedding receptions will be more popular in 2017! We have found this increasing on the east coast.

    Pre-Produced Choreographed First dance’s will be a big 2017 HIT!….check out the best first dance ever on you tube…this will give the bride and groom a way to spotlight their styles in a creative and fun way!

    More “Guest Interaction”: Your DJ/MC has more tools to bring everyone to the dance floor…ask your DJ about Dance elements like the groove line, the Stroll,the hustle…some fun dances of the past that are designed to get older guests to the dance floor…and mix with some popular dances like the wobble or Cupid Shuffle or “Back it UP”! a good DJ can come up with at least 5 elements that would work to get your guests on the dance floor!

    Flash Mob Dances…YES…a 2017 Trend! I have done several events now that involved friends that come to the event prepared with a CUE…and simple choreographed dance sets that will get everyone on the floor! We’ve used Thriller and a few others that have been entertaining and hilarious to watch the reactions from the guests!

    Game’s or NO Games? There are ways that rehearsal dinners or early parts of the reception would include…bride and groom trivia cards placed in guest tables to involve the guests and invite conversation based on the couple…we use the “shoe drop” more often now. We even do “Game Show” for rehearsal dinners!

    It’s no surprise that wedding businesses, including DJ’s, are run as a small business. Small businesses generally are distracted, dealing with many daily issues of running a business in addition to maybe working a full time job…
    “Increased Customer Service” was recently a discussion at a national convention that seemed to be on the TOP Trending list. Here’s what you can learn to expect in 2017.

    One way Small successful wedding businesses WILL improve in 2017: Answer their phone and or return phone calls and or emails within 24 hours. If your vendor can’t promise this…try selecting another Vendor! As your event gets close, you may want to call or email your vendor for an important question or two and you don’t want to wait for an answer…many web sites will have a “contact us now” button, like ours here, making them more accessible from their web site! Many Vendors will have a Smart Phone and be able to get back to you within an hour…not days…

    We will have more trends from more vendors soon! Stay tuned! of course you can email me your questions to us as well!