• Cheapest DJ?

  • How to avoid the 3 most common mistakes in event planning...
    Is it true the DJ....
    can make or break your wedding reception?!

    Yes. Entertainment makes the event. In fact you don’t need a big budget to experience a wildly successful reception. You know the kind I mean …

    Everyone is dancing. Fun is in the air. No one wants to go home. People are still talking about it a year later.

    It doesn’t take a lot of money for this much fun. Just very professional entertainment. Even if you can’t afford a fancy caterer or a designer wedding gown, you will love your reception if – IF – the wedding entertainment is wonderful, and managed properly by an “Event Director” from Star Productions DJ’s.

    Just be sure to avoid these 3 common mistakes in selecting a DJ:

    1. Selecting your DJ based on price alone. Sure, price is important. But go beyond just price. Get to know your DJ. Are you comfortable around him/her? Do you like and trust him/her? (By the way..We offer nice packages. One will fit you!).

    2. Failure to check references. The quickest, easiest way to find out about a DJ is to check two kinds of references: recent brides they’ve worked with … and other special event vendors. We’re happy to share ours with you...take a minute and review our reviews!

    3. Failure to meet your DJ in person or at least talk to them on the phone. It’s easy to fall into the trap of transacting arrangements online and flashy websites.... Make a personal connection with YOUR DJ first. That’s how you get to know them.

    We’re proud of our website. Take a look at some of our reviews and videos! Be sure to call us, too. Get to know us. Share your wedding ideas with us. We’ll make a great team! Call now 541.419.4090.

    Are we available for your celebration? Check the online calendar now.

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