• Top Questions to ask a DJ before you book your entertainment

  • Top Questions to ask a DJ before you book your entertainment

  • Your wedding is the happiest day of your life. It’s filled with friends and family and can truly start your marriage off on a beautiful and special note. However, it also comes along with a lot of planning, preparation, and, inevitably, some headaches too. In particular, choosing the right vendors can be one of the most stressful elements of planning a wedding.

    When it comes to vendors, it seems as though there is an endless list. It’s important to have the right food, the right venue, the right person to perform the ceremony. The list goes on and on. However, one of the most important factors in any wedding is the entertainment and nothing is more important to entertainment than music and delivery of the DJ/EMCEE

    When selecting the music for a wedding, order klonopin online some people spend time considering a large live band or perhaps even think about handling it themselves. However, live bands can sometimes lack broad appeal, and it may also be difficult to control the mood which is being set by the music with certain bands. In addition, handling the music yourself on your wedding day is a major hassle that most people simply are not prepared to deal with. Moreover, the quality of your entertainment will undoubtedly suffer if you are trying to do it all yourself.

    Because it can be challenging to find a suitable and affordable band, and handling the music alone comes with significant drawbacks, many people look at hiring a professional DJ for their wedding. DJs can select the correct music for any crowd and can elevate the mood of your entire wedding. In addition, professional DJs can provide all of their own equipment, so there is no need to worry about setting things up on your own. Moveover, DJs can help coordinate the entire reception by making announcements and simply making sure that things continue to flow smoothly throughout the evening.

    No matter where you’re booking your DJ services, it’s always important to clarify exactly what you’re getting and ensure that your DJ is the right choice for you. In this blog, we will discuss some important questions to ask your DJ in order to guarantee that your wedding will be as perfect as can be.

    Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

    Some of the most essential questions to ask your DJ before hiring them are as follows:

    1. Are you Available…Before you go into asking the rest of the questions this is the MOST Important! he DJ is not available ask for some personal reccomendations. Often times the good DJs book quickly.
    2. What is Your Rate, and What Does it Include? First, make sure you’re upfront about determining exactly what the price of the services will be. Ask your DJ if they charge an overall event rate or if they charge by the hour. If they are performing for a flat rate, also remember to ask them if they charge for overtime. Apples to apples comparison.
    1. How Much is the Deposit? In addition to the overall charge of the event, DJs will also request a deposit to hold your wedding date. Be sure you clarify that with them in the first meeting so that you can feel secure that your date is being held properly and there are no surprises. Also ask if the deposit is refundable.
    1. How Long Have You Been a DJ? Once you’ve covered finances, it’s important to discuss your DJ’s experience. Ask them about how long they’ve been performing the service and why they’re passionate about it. A professional DJ will have an enormous amount of enthusiasm for their profession and will be happy to share their career experiences with you.
    1. How Many Weddings Have You Done? Moreover, make sure that your DJ doesn’t simply have experience playing music. Remember that weddings are very particular events which require a unique set of skills that are acquired over time. Thus, it’s important to make sure that your DJ has enough experience specifically in the wedding industry there is a difference between an EMCEE and a DJ.
    1. How Many Weddings Do You Perform Annually? Additionally, you should ask your DJ about how current their skills are. They may have performed many weddings, but if they aren’t recent events, then your DJ’s skills may not be as sharp as you need them to be. Thus, ensure that they have been working in the industry regularly.
    1. Do You Have References? It’s also important to make sure that you ask your DJ for references. Any professional DJ should have a number of previous clients that they can refer you to in order to endorse their skills.
    1. What Makes You Unique? It’s key to look at your DJ’s differentiators. Do they have a particular style that makes them unique? Are they accustomed to playing at particular kinds of weddings? Make sure you ask them about what makes them special in order to ensure that they are the right fit for your wedding.
    1. Are We Your Only Gig On Our Date? You should ensure that your DJ doesn’t have any other events on the same day as your wedding. If your DJ has just come from another event, they may be very low energy and unfocused. On the other hand, if they have an event after yours, this may cause them to be distracted and potentially even rush your wedding.
    1. Do You Have a Backup in Case of Emergency? Although it’s rare that a professional DJ wouldn’t be able to attend the event, emergencies do happen. Thus, it’s critical to ensure that your DJ has a backup plan just in case. Most professional DJ services will have someone on stand-by in case of an emergency.
    1. What Time Will You Arrive to Begin Setting Up? This is a very important question which will ensure that your DJ will have enough time to get everything done prior to the reception. In addition, you should know exactly who will be doing the set-up. Sometimes your actual DJ will do the assembly, and sometimes someone else from their company is designated to handle that responsibility. Make sure you know who will be arriving and when in order to avoid any complications.
    1. What Will You Be Wearing to Our Wedding? Take the time to ask your DJ what they plan on wearing to your event. Most DJs will have a standard set of clothing that they typically wear, such as a nice suit or slacks and a nice top. However, you should make sure that their style matches your expectations.
    1. What Equipment Do You Use? It’s very important that you take the time to discuss the equipment that your DJ will be bringing and ask if they have backup equipment. In addition, this will help you to avoid any issues such as them expecting you to provide something that you cannot. Remember that professional DJs should be able to provide the entire set-up, so don’t be fooled into purchasing expensive equipment.
    1. Do You Make Announcements? Another important part of a professional DJ’s skill set is the ability to make announcements throughout the wedding as an EMCEE. Thus, you should ensure that your DJ is capable of this responsibility and has experience with it. That way, you can make sure that the evening flows smoothly.
    1. Will You Meet With Us Before the Wedding? Moreover, not only should your DJ be able to make announcements in order to keep the reception running smoothly, but they should also be available to discuss these announcements and other details with you ahead of time. Make sure that your DJ is willing to meet with you at least once more before your wedding date to clarify all the details.
    1. Can We Help Design the Playlist? Most DJs will be completely fine with you helping to craft the playlist for the wedding. While professional DJs are fluid and can select particular songs throughout the night based on the crowd and how things are going, they should also be receptive to specific songs that you want played. In addition, they should also be open to you submitting a “Do Not Play” list in order to avoid any songs that you specifically don’t want played. When covering these details in your meeting, make sure that you ask how you can get your requests to your DJ and when they will need them by.
    1. Will You Take Requests at Our Wedding? Most DJs are happy to accommodate guest’s requests during the event itself. However, make sure you clarify this with them beforehand so that you can ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.
    1. Have You Played at Our Venue Before? This is an often overlooked question that is actually quite important. If your DJ is familiar with your venue, then you can ensure that they know all the little details, such as where the outlets are, where the best place to set up is, etc. Thus, if your DJ has previously played at your venue, that is a big bonus. However, be careful not to completely rule out a DJ that you connect with if they don’t have experience at your particular spot.
    1. Do You Have Insurance? All professional DJs should have liability insurance. Most plans are fairly cheap, so there is really no reason that they shouldn’t be insured against liability issues, such as if someone accidentally damages their equipment.
    1. Do You Include Lighting? Additionally, some DJs offer a “light show” along with their music. Make sure you discuss this beforehand so that you know exactly what is included and that it is something you want. If they do offer lighting, you can ask to see a recording of a previous performance in order to make sure you know what you’re getting.
    1. What is Your Approach if People Aren’t Dancing? People not dancing at weddings is a major way to instantly kill the mood. Thus, it’s key that your DJ is experienced in engaging the crowd without taking the focus away from your wedding. Moreover, they should have songs in their roster that are classic crowd-pleasers and also be able to read the room well enough to select tunes that will get your guests moving.
    1. What Do You Need from Us?Finally, you should clarify your DJ’s expectations as well. Make sure that you are able to offer what they need in order to be comfortable and perform well. Most DJs have minimal requirements, such as a table for their equipment, adequate shelter (if your event is being held outside), and so forth. However, you should also check to see if they usually eat a meal at the reception and when they do so. Moreover, you should ask if they plan on taking any breaks so that there are no surprises on your big day.

    Conclusion: 21 Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

    There are many different concerns that come up when planning your wedding, but one of the most important is regarding the music. Ensuring that you have a professional DJ who meets your needs is extremely important for the entire reception to run as smoothly as possible. Make sure that you take the time to sit down with your DJ and ask them all of your pertinent questions beforehand so that you know precisely what you’re getting on your wedding day.