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  • Noah said... Highly recommend Dave. He is fun, professional and goes the extra mile.
  • Rebecca said... Dave was fantastic!! Affordable, easy to work with, and went above and beyond!!
  • Rebecca said... Dave was fantastic!! Affordable, easy to work with, and went above and beyond!!
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  • dana From Portland said... He added life to the party by getting people on the dance floor. He worked with the coordinator well and adjusted his direction to fit themes and situations instantly. He a nd his son made a great team providing video, dance instructions and a great evening. Our wedding was what I wanted it to be and we couldn't have had a better DJ.
  • Jennifer said... Dave was Amazing!! The day I called to book he answered the phone and did every time after that! Best of all he pulled together a slide show last minute for me and it was super! The event kept everyone happy and on the dance floor the whole night...I can not recommend him enough!!!
  • Wow, what an asset to our wedding reception Dave was! He was incredibly reliable and flexible. He read the crowd well and played exactly what we wanted! His station took up next to no room at all, which really helped utilize space. He knew our coordinator also so the flow of the reception was perfect as a result. Booking Dave will be the easiest, most affordable and most fun thing you do for your wedding!
  • Sarah From Amsterdam said... We LOVED Dave, seriously! Planning a wedding for the Sunriver from Amsterdam posed a few issues - but Dave was always prompt and answered any questions I had in regards to music and basic wedding ideas. Even though our schedule was tight, leading up to the wedding, and I was the WORST about contacting vendors, he made it a priority to meet with us to get a feel for what we wanted our evening to look/sound like. We put our trust in him completely and man it paid off... he had everyone dancing (including our 80 year old grandparents) to every song... all night long. While I dont suggest planning a wedding from across the Atlantic, Dave is a great person to have in your corner. He really nailed it, bringing all our ideas together and creating a seamless night. (Thanks, Dave!!) PS: When we told our venue who our DJ was they were so happy, saying, "Oh, Dave?! Well that is one less thing for everyone to worry about. He's great."
  • Jana said... We had a very intimate wedding, only about 25 guests. Some might think this is too small for a DJ, but not for Dave at Star Productions! He did the background music for our welcome drinks, the ceremony, the cocktail hour and then dancing. The music was awesome! We had a great mix of what we liked, and what everyone else would enjoy, too. My husband gave Dave a list of music, I added that I wanted music that would get people out on the dance floor, and Dave delivered! He came out on the dance floor with us, sang with a microphone - and then handed it out to the guests. BRILLIANT! Every single person had a ball, and danced the night away. Thanks, Dave - we could not have been happier! <3
  • Lena said... My fiance and I were super skeptical when deciding whether or not to hire a DJ. We have a few friends who work in the sound/music area, but last minute we decided we needed a pro. David reached out on the same day I messaged him, and I felt in great hands after our first phone call. He emailed two quotes that came in under what I thought it would be. To give an idea, David gave us an all-night DJ, DJ station, speakers outdoors, mic + mic stand for ceremony, and speakers inside. All of this, including set up and tear down, for half of what the venue was charging us for two speakers! Crazy. I didn't meet David face-to-face until AFTER the ceremony, but he took care of us in all aspects. Playing our songs perfectly (even though they were uncommon and some originals), checking in and offering advice, pronouncing my name correctly, playing requests quickly, keeping everyone dancing and then kicking everyone out of the venue in the nicest way possible! I would not consider ANY of our guests dancers, and EVERYONE was dancing. It was the best night ever, and I really have to give David a lot of credit for that. Thank you, David!
  • 9 things that determine DJ’s prices

    Like most other services, DJ services vary depending on several factors. Below, are nine common factors that determine the cost of DJs.

    1. Location

    DJ prices vary from one area to another depending on competition and the availability of experienced DJs. When the competition is high, prices hike and vice versa.

    2. Type of event

    The type of event also affects the cost of DJ services. For example, a wedding may cost higher than a birthday party. The setting time, professionalism and personalized touch required for a wedding may take more hours for the DJ than it would in a birthday party.

    3. Size of the party and crowd

    A professional DJ reads the atmosphere to gauge whether the audience is thoroughly entertained. This includes testing their music preferences, using various equipment, lighting, and sound systems. With a larger crowd, all these activities increase the cost of delivering DJ services.

    4. Performance duration

    Performance duration may include the number of hours they will take to get to your venue, unpack, connect their equipment, perform, pack their gear and travel back. The longer the performance duration, the higher the cost.

    5. DJ experience

    Like any other profession, DJs charge higher depending on their experience levels. Experienced DJs charge higher since they have extensive music libraries, can entertain a large crowd and add top-notch professionalism to your occasion.

    6. equipment

    DJs with quality equipment are likely to charge higher than those with poor equipment. Budget accordingly if you desire your occasion to have an epic sound system with well-balanced volumes.

    7. Special request = increase in preparation time

    The cost of a DJ covers more than just spinning songs at your party. It also covers the time your DJ uses to prepare and tailor-make your special requests. Obscure music requests also increase the cost of a DJ, especially if it requires them to buy new songs.

    8. Season
    During peak booking seasons such as Christmas and New year holidays, DJs tend to raise their prices which is largely based on demand and availability. Consider setting your event during a low pick season to save on cost.

    9. Travel fees

    Travel fees are part of your DJs package. If a DJ has to cover a long distance to arrive at your venue, they will likely charge more than if you hired one near your venue.

    The difference between a cheap and an expensive DJ
    The main difference between a costly and a cheap DJ is quality. Although both may provide the musical experience needed for an occasion, a costly DJ will likely offer a more memorable experience than a cheap one.

    Having discussed the factors that affect the cost of a DJ, it is clear that an expensive DJ will ensure they thoroughly entertain the crowd regardless of its size and provide high-quality equipment reducing gear-related disruptions. On the flip side, a cheap DJ may not afford to use quality equipment, which may ruin your celebration. Read their reviews!