• BUDGET…no worries here!

  • BUDGET…no worries here!

  • Budget Shmudget...is this how you feel?

    The single biggest reason brides stress out is due mainly to BUDGETING! It can be the number one question you're asked when you discuss your wishes with your fiance, family, friends and wedding day vendors! It is also one of the biggest reason's why "nearly weds" may have their first fight!

    Stop Stressing Out! We have an Easy to follow budget sheet based on average costs of a Central Oregon wedding... Our simple to follow wedding budgeting sheet and planner can really help you right now while you are planning and getting ideas for your celebration. We'll also include a TOP SECRET guide, that will save you THOUSANDS of dollars in negotiating with your vendors. My brides have LOVED this info! Hit starproductionsdjs@gmail.com to get your copy emailed to you.

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